A leading group in maritime transportation offering endless opportunities

CMA CGM group employs over 33,000 people across the world and around 4,000 more at sea. Our numerous activities provide an exciting platform for career development and we are glad to help our employees to advance within the Group. Our human expertise is key to our success. It is the inspiration that leads us to an improved understanding of customer expectations, more tailored transport solutions and better quality services.

At CMA CGM, we foster gender equality, interculturality and intergenerationality and through our training programs, we encourage and nurture each one of our team to ensure they reach their full potential. Because that’s how we will reach ours.

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Mobilizing your future in an international and multicultural environment

With more than 750 offices in 160 countries, we offer a world of job opportunities to advance, change direction or change location.

We put everything in place to strengthen the expertise, accelerate the learning curve of our employees and promote them quickly to managerial positions to boost their careers.

Browse our job opportunities and apply online: all our job openings are regularly updated and the recruitment process is simple.

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Today's interns are our best assets of tomorrow

In partnership with leading Schools of Higher Education (Sciences Po Paris, HEC Paris, and many others) the CMA CGM group help students reach their professional goals while preparing them for their future corporate life.

We also participate on a regular basis in one-off events like conferences, round tables and job fairs organized by the Grandes Ecoles of France, allowing us to meet talented students and introduce them to our group opportunities.

Our internships and apprenticeships are the most efficient way for us to integrate young talents that will grow in the Group in the long run.

Learn more about our internships, apprentice programs and V.I.E

Nurturing talent, creating leaders

Our Human Resources team is dedicated to nurturing our talents worldwide. We support each of our employees on their individual career paths wherever they are and whatever they do.

Sharing ideas, taking initiatives and accepting new challenges are in our corporate DNA and our employees know it perfectly well.

Our corporate values of boldness, imagination, initiative and integrity are instilled into all our staff members. On regular basis, we provide our employees face-to-face training and online training to our employees around the world.

Learn more about our other development programs (LEAD for managers, JUMP for young talents)

CMA CGM Academy: a privileged environment to develop and grow

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We created the CMA CGM Academy to help our employees acquire a comprehensive understanding of the shipping industry, its role in the world economy and develop their business skills.

This academy is organized into 5 separate institutes, Shipping & Intermodal, Marine, Leadership & Management, Support and Professional Excellence, each one focusing on building specific skills to help design the solutions of tomorrow.

Based in Marseille, the sunniest city in France, the CMA CGM Academy is located in our headquarter in a dedicated space of over 500m2 adapted to various different learning-modes:

  • 11 equipped training rooms
  • Capacity of 132 trainees a day.
  • A digital portal available in 4 languages (French / English / Spanish and Chinese)
  • Over 400 e-learning modules available on a 24 hour/7 day basis

Learn more about CMA CGM Academy

Join us to shape the future of transportation

Created in 1978, CMA CGM is a family business that has become a major player in the transportation industry.

Driven by our strong entrepreneurial spirit and our passion we have ambitious projects not only on maritime but also in logistics, supply chain management and digitalisation. Our employees are key in the success of this new strategic orientation.

Whatever your expertise, skills or seniority level, there is a place for you at CMA CGM to shape the future of the industry and seize the opportunity to achieve an amazing career.

Our employees can count on us to favour diversity, mobility, quality of life at work and constant evolution. We encourage them on a daily basis to take initiatives and grow – because their talent is our expertise.

Learn more about the CMA CGM Group

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