Learn more about our CSR policy on our corporate website.

Our Commitment to the Future

CMA CGM has become one of the world leaders in maritime transport thanks to its family dimension, its strong human values and its innovativeness. Aware of its role in respect of sustainable development, we’re developing in a responsible, sustainable way to shape a better future.

? CMA CGM Group has always considered that its economical performance was inseparable from social and environmental performances. ? Rodolphe Saadé, Group Chairman & CEO.

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Our CSR policy is based on 6 pillars

Ethics and Compliance

CMA CGM is committed to responsible, transparent, ethical business practice. Our values and principles are inscribed in our Code of Ethics for our collaborators and our Third Party Code of Conduct for suppliers, subcontractors and partners. Together, they enable our stakeholders to defend our culture and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Value Chain

At CMA CGM, we are simplifying and optimizing the entire shipping and transport experience for our customers through added-value services, eco-innovations and digital transformations.


Thanks to our vast range of business lines and the sheer scale of activity, we employ over 37,000 land-based and seagoing employees all over the world. Wherever they’re from, wherever they’re going, we provide dedicated career development and training support to help each one of them reach their full potential.

Safety & Security

As a leading player in shipping industry, the CMA CGM Group has always maintained the highest standards of safety & security. Our policies and objectives are continuously evolving through new certifications and compliance initiatives, proactive performance measurement and training.


Protection of the environment lies at the heart of the Group’s commitment to sustainable and responsible development. Improve Vessel’s energy efficiency and develop eco-friendly technologies is key for us to achieve carbon footprint reduction ambitious targets.


CMA CGM’s societal engagements have an impact on both a global and local scale. Our activities extend to more than 160 countries and as a Group, we are committed to human rights and to participating in the social and economic development of the countries in which we operate.

Learn more about our CSR policy on our corporate website.

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