Logistics Services

Beyond container shipping and transport solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of logistics services to secure your supply chain. Acting as the logistic arm of the Group, CEVA, alongside with others logistics partners, will handle all your logistics challenges by providing Group customers with end-to-end solutions. Whatever your challenge, we offer you with the best-in-class solution

You need to ship cargo from China to Europe?

With Our logistics subsidiaries' Silk Road offer, benefit from:

  • Profitable shipping solutions - faster than sea freight and cheaper than airfreight
  • Significant ecological advantage compared to other way of transport
  • Comprehensive one way solutions
  • Own LCL service France - China with pick-up solutions in the entire country
  • Available for Reefers

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You need more time to sell your cargo?

Advanced Hub is a solution for our customer to keep their full containers in a hub before pursuing the sale of their products. Our Advanced Hub is buffering between the first leg and the second leg whatever the final destination is known or not:

  • Storage Solution to facilitate a routing during transport – final destination
  • For commodity traders this service provides more time to sell the product while in transit

Your cargo has to be shipped urgently?

Thanks to strategic partnerships with first-class airlines, our logistics subsidiaries allow you to respect your tight schedules

  • Dangerous goods are managed by a dedicated team
  • Secured delivery and video monitoring for high value products
  • Controlled temperature of Perishable & Pharmaceutical goods
  • Solutions and Charters propositions for oversized products

Your goods is subject to a risk of pathogenic contamination?

With Steam Pasteurization guarantee in case of contamination by Salmonella, eColi or Listera agents, you will enjoy :

  • A pick-up at your premise of your contaminated goods
  • A pasteurization treatment with one of the most advanced technologies.
  • A return of your treated good in the best delay
  • All being coordinated by our Control Tower providing you support and assistance.

Thanks to our partnership with Stéripure and our CEVA network, we will guarantee you a priority in your transportation and treatment. A treatment which will be operated with one of the most advanced technologies preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

More information about Stéripure here.

This guarantee can apply only for dried almonds.


Flyer Steam Pasteurization

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